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Golf cruises are NOT an off-the-shelf commodity, but rather a highly valuable experience made greater through the guidance and personal touch of a GolfAhoy Golf Cruises consultant – FREE client service since 1988. No booking fees! Every single GolfAhoy client receives personal service from our certified golf cruise travel counselors. Each GolfAhoy trip is customized to the specific core expectations and demands of the individual client to meet or exceed expectations.

GolfAhoy pioneered the ‘golf cruise’ concept in 1988. We’ve been the travel industry acknowledged leader in the golf cruises market niche for 30 years. GolfAhoy Golf Cruises are offered on 193 different cruise liners, European riverboats and luxury charter yachts with exciting golf cruise itineraries spanning the globe.

Some people mistakenly believe that they can get a lower cruise fare by booking directly with the cruise line because travel agents earn a booking commission. This is NOT true! If the price of a seven-day Hawaii cruise booked directly with the cruise line, is, say $10,000 per couple, the cruise line will NOT reduce or discount the price by 10% just because they are not paying a travel agent a 10% commission. They will still charge you the full amount and pocket the difference. In effect, the cruise line pays the commission, you do not – your GolfAhoy Golf Cruises agent will get you the EXACT same price that the cruise line will charge you. Plus, at GolfAhoy Golf Cruises, we’ll make all your golf arrangements for you free of service charges.

All golfing arrangements are exclusive to GolfAhoy booking clients – no travel agent calls please – GolfAhoy golf cruise packages are non-commissionable to keep fares competitively priced. GolfAhoy offers our clients a Lowest Price Guarantee! Golf Ahoy Cruises & Tours is Licensed, Bonded & Insured. IATA ID #10766674 | Florida Seller of Travel #ST15578 | California Seller of Travel #2090937-50 | Washington UBID #603189022 | Iowa Registered Agency #1202 |

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