GolfAhoy Group Travel

GolfAhoy Group Travel

Not since Noah’s Ark has there been a better reason to travel in a group. Virtually every cruise line has a group program that offers special benefits. And to qualify for group rates and amenities as few as 16 people need to travel on the same sailing. Even if your group is 200 to 1,000 or more, the cruise lines are thrilled to have you onboard. Most lines even have a full time “group coordinator” on board to assist once you sail.
More than 5 million group members cruise every year. Here are just some of the types of groups that have discovered this awesome travel option:

• Fraternal Groups
• Clubs and Sports Associations
• Political and Professional Business Groups
• Religious Organizations
• Hobbyists• Scrap bookers
• Continuing Educational Seminars
• Card Players
• Dance Groups
• Museums and Cultural Groups
• Ethnic Groups
• Fundraising and Charity Organizations• Family Reunions
• Onboard Weddings

• Fraternal Groups

No matter what group you belong to, a cruise is an excellent choice. And GolfAhoy should be your first port of call for any group golf cruise.

We handle all the paperwork, payments, cabin assignments, and documents. Plus your GolfAhoy golf travel agent specialist can also arrange special parties, meeting space, group photos, dining arrangements and customized shore excursions.

One inclusive price covers almost everything and each traveler can select their own type of stateroom accommodation.

Plus, our exclusive “Regis WEB” program allows participants to sign up for the cruise online effortlessly.

The benefits of group travel are outstanding.

The group organizer can even travel for FREE by utilizing one of the free berths earned (usually 1 berth for every 16 full paying passengers).

But perhaps the most outstanding benefit is that all the hard work of managing the group is done by your GolfAhoy Cruise Planners specialist at no additional cost.

Let us give you a no-obligation group sailing proposal today and then start packing because in no time you will be sailing away on the group cruise of a lifetime.

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