Bermuda Golf Cruise Oceania Insignia August 2019

2020 Bermuda Golf Cruise

Anthony, all in all, quite a good trip.

The golf plans were just fine – no problem with getting taxis to and from the ship in St. George’s and Hamilton.

We were a little late to Port Royal due to the ship arriving later than planned, but that wasn’t a problem at the golf course with our tee times.

All 3 golf courses were doing some sort of maintenance, so we got a break on greens fees at all 3. Didn’t affect the beautiful views at all! I actually had 3 good rounds – some of the best golf I’ve played in a while.

The first time we’ve sailed with Oceania.

In our opinion, while the food was excellent and the 1 shore excursion we took (the Sunset Catamaran Sail in Hamilton) is one we’d highly recommend.

Oceania doesn’t quite measure up to either the Crystal or Silver Seas smaller ships which we’ve been on before.  Nothing you are responsible for, and clearly, Oceania has an advantage with the Insignia ship over NCL and the other big ships, due to its ability to dock right in St George’s and Hamilton.

Good working with you and Lori again.

There were several fellow passengers who wished they had arranged for golf – we gave all of them your name for next time.

Hope all ok with you?