“Your luxurious cruise liner is your floating clubhouse. Each evening you’ll dine and dance at sea. Each morning you’ll awaken to a new links layout. And challenging championship golf.”

GolfAhoy® pioneered the golf cruise concept in 1988. We’ve been the travel industry acknowledged leader in the ‘golf cruises’ specialized market niche for over 26 years. Today, we operate our GolfAhoy® golf cruises aboard 193 different cruise liners, river boats and luxury charter yachts with exciting golf itineraries spanning the globe.

Our GolfAhoy GOLF CRUISE packages include everything you’d want in a memorable VIP Deluxe golf cruise.

“Golf Cruises are not an off-the-shelf commodity, but rather a highly valuable experience made greater through the guidance and personal touch of a GolfAhoy Golf Cruise travel specialist. When making golf cruise plans, a certified golf cruises specialist can help save you time and money. Golf cruise travel specialists work for you but are paid a booking commission by golf travel vendors and cruise lines. Using the knowledgeable services of a GolfAhoy Golf Cruise travel specialist costs you nothing. Having your own golf cruise travel agent in your corner is priceless.”Leisure & Travel Golf Magazine